Getting to know: Pearl Oyster Mushrooms

The Pearl or Snow Oyster is a fast and easy-growing mushroom with a unique taste. It is one of the most cultivated mushrooms in the world as a result. In its natural habitat, the Pearl Oyster grows on hardwood trees, such as oaks, maples, birch, aspens, and other popular trees in Ontario.

The mushroom is high in potassium, a mineral that Canadians may not be consuming enough. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure and supports bone and muscle strength. A cup of Pearl Oysters – or 100 grams – can have about 300 to 400 milligrams of potassium. For context, Health Canada recommends 4700 milligrams of potassium intake daily.

Some research claims the Pearl Oyster can be a strong antioxidant, which helps prevent heart disease, cancer, and other diseases. So far, a study showed that an extract of the mushroom lowered oxidative damage in the heart, kidneys, and brain of rats. 

The Pearl Oyster may also help lower cholesterol. Studies showed the mushrooms contain lovastatin which can be a medication for high blood cholesterol and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. It is found more in the caps than the stems. 

Fun fact: Life is a marathon, but the life of a Pearl and Snow Oyster is a sprint. When Pearl Oysters begin to fruit, they can be ready to harvest within four to seven days. Once harvested, they store better in a plastic bag so they don’t dry out quickly as well.

Meal options: Stir-fry the Pearl Oysters until they get golden brown. They are a nice addition to pasta, soups, noodle salads, or on their own with other condiments, like garlic and green onion. However, be aware that the stem is chewy.

Disclaimer: Despite the references provided, the information on this page, specifically the Pearl Oyster’s potential health benefits, are for educational purposes only. These benefits have not been reviewed by Health Canada nor the FDA.

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