Getting to know...Pink Oyster

JCB Gourmet Mushrooms’ founder and CEO says it best when describing the Pink Oyster.

“The Pink is hands down the most beautiful of all of the mushrooms, undeniably,” John Bakker says. “It’s really impressive. And it grows like crazy. Let’s say you had a Pink Oyster grow kit. Within a week, you’d have a harvest.”

The Pink Oyster is a good fibre source; better than King Oysters and Shiitake mushrooms when dried. The latter two mushrooms are still considered important sources of fibre, so it’s really saying something. The fibres in the Pink Oyster are helpful for relaxation and lowering blood cholesterol and sugar levels.

Pink Oysters also have a high number of amino acids, according to the same researchers who studied fibre amounts. A specific type of amino acid, cysteine, was significantly high in Pink Oysters. Cysteine reportedly may play a role in growing hair and reducing the effects of ageing on the skin. 

Oyster mushrooms in general are beneficial sources of antioxidants, which may help prevent heart disease and other diseases by fighting free radicals.

Some extract of this mushroom fights bad bacteria as well. This could mean the Pink Oyster hinders some types of infections in the body. 

Fun fact: Remember how the Lion’s Mane mushroom has other names based on its appearance, such as the pom-pom mushroom? Pink Oyster mushrooms get similar treatment. Whereas the Lion’s Mane nicknames are related to its furry texture, the Pink Oyster gets comparisons based on its colour. That is why the Pink Oyster is also known as the Flamingo mushroom, the Salmon Oyster mushroom, and the Strawberry mushroom – likely compared to an underripe strawberry.

Meal options: Stir-fry or sautée the Pink Oysters in butter and garlic to make a yummy side dish. Oyster mushrooms also complement pasta dishes and soups. Pink Oysters will lose their colour once cooked.

Disclaimer: Despite the references provided, the information on this page, specifically the Pink Oyster’s potential health benefits, are for educational purposes only.