• Thanks so much John for the wonderful grow kits. It’s been great watching the mushrooms grow with very little effort on my part. I will spread the word for people to purchase grow kits and be back for more soon.

  • Hi Lisee Levitt

    All of our mushrooms are found in nature growing on hardwood trees, either standing or fallen trees. The base ingredient in our growing mix is hardwood sawdust which we purchase in the form of hardwood pellets. We use 2 different formulas for our mushrooms, one involves adding an equal part of soyabean hulls received in a pelletized form with 3 parts water. The second formula involves 7 parts water, 4 parts hardwood pellets and 1 part wheat bran. The last ingredient is gypsum which is 1 gram per bag of growing medium which totals 3kg in weight.

    John Bakker
  • Is your soil animal free? Are the grow kits vegan?

    Lisee Levitt

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