Mushroom compost from grow kits enhances soil and plant growth

Spring has sprung. Gardeners everywhere are beginning to plant their seeds for the warmer weather. Mushroom compost from our grow kits could help those plants grow strong.

When the mushrooms are cultivated, the leftovers are packed with nutrients. A mix of compost and soil can feed plants while also holding more water at once, according to John Hart, a soil scientist and emeritus professor at Oregon State University. The mix can avoid overwhelming seeds and younger plants with the salt content in mushroom compost. 

Those in suburbs, cities or anywhere where the soil is degraded could look to mushroom compost as a trusty sidekick. Soil degradation often comes from a change in land use, droughts, heavy and irregular rainfall, and intensive farming. Degraded soil can lack nitrogen – the chemical element is essential in helping plants grow taller and processing their food more easily with proteins.

Fortunately, mushroom compost has been found to restore degraded soil. Researchers in Turkey found it improved the soil’s structure in multiple ways. The nitrogen content increased when the rate of mushroom compost in the soil increased. The highest concentration of compost was eight per cent of the weight of the mix. It also rose in organic carbon. Higher soil organic carbon helps provide more oxygen in the soil, better soil fertility and improved nutrient capacity, according to Cornell University. 

The mushroom growth mix even significantly enhanced the soil’s aggregate stability, meaning it became more resistant to other forces such as excess water. 

Mycelium plays a key role in making mushroom compost a valuable plant enhancer. Like roots in plants, mycelium finds and breaks down nutrients so mushrooms can fruit and stay healthy. Mycelium stays behind after the mushrooms are cultivated. (Unlike roots, nobody uses the expression, “Remember your mycelia when you grow up!”)

The mycelium is still living and can help break down nutrients and debris in the soil for plant roots to absorb. 

Our mushroom grow kits can produce healthy mushrooms to add to meals. The benefits of the remaining growth mix on plants become a big bonus. If you want to feed your farm animals, mushroom compost may help that as well.

Disclaimer: Despite the references provided, the information on this page is for educational purposes only.

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