Top five selling grow kits halfway through 2022

Top five JCB Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kits sold midway through 2022

1. Italian Oyster Grow Kit

Italian Oyster Grow Kits have a healthy lead in 2022. These and the Pink Oyster mushrooms are the fastest-growing mushrooms we sell. It only takes six to eight days for these mushrooms to grow after cutting Xs in the grow bag.

Italian Oyster mushroom grow kit

The Italian Oysters were unsung heroes when we waited on a new air conditioner in the summer of 2021. Many mushrooms simply couldn't handle that heat, but the Italian Oysters were fully grown and ready to harvest in impressive shape.

Taste: Italian Oysters are tender mushrooms with a mild savoury meatiness. Like all Oyster mushrooms, these are versatile in stir-fries and sautés. The Italian Oysters pair particularly well with creamy dishes, like a mushroom lovers' pasta in alfredo sauce or a mushroom pie with cream cheese. They also go well with fish, lamb, pork and vegetarian dishes.

2. Pink Oyster Grow Kit

Pink Oysters are our overall best-selling grow kit since our online store opened in late 2020. They show that growing mushrooms in your home is about getting delicious gourmet food and about decorating your room along the way.

Pink Oysters have pink mycelium spread throughout the growing block, bright pink mushrooms, and a salmon brown colour when cooked. We love hearing from customers at farmers' markets and at our growing facility who say Pink Oyster clusters look like coral – because we agree.

Taste: These mushrooms taste like bacon! They can be quickly pan-fried on low heat to add to salads, creamy pasta, burgers, pizza, and more. The Pink Oysters can even be cut into strips and fried with salt and your choice of spices and cooking oil to become crispy vegan bacon substitutes. Try medium-low heat on the pan for this recipe and watch them, because they can burn quickly if it's too hot.

3. Lion's Mane Grow Kit

Lion's Mane Grow Kits are two sales ahead of the Blue Oyster kits in 2022 as of late June. If you are loyal to either mushroom, extend the lead or close the gap by getting another grow kit!

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Lion's Mane mushrooms are unique on three counts. First of all, they look completely different from the other gourmet mushrooms we grow. Our customers say they look like a brain – this mushroom has also been called a Pom Pom because of the small spines cascading the fruitbody.

They are also considered a type of medicinal mushroom because of some initial studies on the Lion’s Mane. These studies suggest they support cognitive function and reduce anxious feelings when frequently included in the diet or regularly taken as capsules. More research is needed, but the initial studies are worth checking out.

Check out: A Registered Nutritional Therapist writes about supporting memory, focus and cognition with Lion's Mane 

Taste: The third unique factor of Lion’s Manes are their crab flavour. They can be hand-shredded and used as a crab substitute for crab cakes. They also taste delicious when seared as medallions in a pan, then fried on low heat with butter.

4. Blue Oyster Grow Kit

Restaurants often ask for pounds of Blue Oyster mushrooms. They are versatile mushrooms that grow in large clusters with substantial caps. They only take about a week and a half to grow.

Blue Oyster mushrooms grow in a grow room

Blue Oyster mushroom caps have different shades of blue depending on the temperature. The colder the temperature is, down to about 16 Celsius (60 Fahrenheit), the deeper and smokier the blue will be on the caps. The flavour tastes the same either way, although hotter temperatures may affect the time to grow.

Taste: Blue Oyster mushrooms bring a lot of an earthy, mushroom taste that adds another layer of flavour to a dish. It has more chew than the Italian Oysters, which is great for adding another texture to pasta, omelets, soups and stews.

5. Snow Oyster Grow Kit

The Snow Oyster is often considered the common Oyster mushroom. The Blue Oyster mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus columbinus) is a variant of the Snow Oyster (Pleurotus ostreatus) and they grow in the typical cap and cluster for Oyster mushrooms. If you’re looking for one of the most cultivated gourmet mushrooms in the world with big caps, the Snow Oyster is for you.

Like the Italian Oysters, the Snow Oyster mushrooms also continued to grow during the heatwave in the summer of 2021. It is hardly a picky mushroom to grow indoors.

Taste: The Snow Oyster mushroom is versatile and absorbs the flavours of other ingredients in a dish. They also have a mild anise flavour. Use them to add chewiness to soups and stews. They can also be in pasta or on their own with garlic and green onion.


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You can try all these bestsellers along with our intermediate level Grow Kits with pronounced flavours by subscribing. Try a different mushroom every time – you can choose whether you want a new kit every 30, 60 or 90 days, and we will remind you to renew your subscription each time.

Head over to our Grow Kit page and pick a mushroom to start your subscription and save on future orders.

What Grow Kit is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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