Snow Oyster

Snow Oyster

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Botanical Name:  Pleurotus ostreatus

Other Common Name: Winter Oyster


Snow oysters are one of the best edible mushrooms. The caps can be huge and can be found 9 inches across when mature, though 4 - 6 inches is more common. They have a super-dense, meaty texture


Snow oysters fare well in any kind of cooking. They can be simply seasoned and oven-roasted or grilled. When sauteed, they cook down quite a bit, but they also crisp and caramelize in an absolutely delightful way.

Nutritional Properties: 

They are low in calories, and fat, gluten and cholesterol free.

The are high in protein and fibre, calcium and several vitamins and minerals

Medicinal Properties:

Shown to:

Fight cancer

Contains anti-oxidants

Could reduce cholesterol