Dried Morel mushrooms available for a limited time

Dried Morel mushrooms

For a limited time, the luxurious dried Morel mushrooms are available to buy at JCB Gourmet Mushrooms.

These mushrooms can only be foraged in the wild and are considered some of the rarest and most gourmet mushrooms next to truffles. The Morels we received were foraged in Northern Canada. They only grow for a few months a year.

Morels have a special woodsy, earthy and nutty flavour. They have a light, tender texture because of their shape.

This shape is complex and worth getting a closer look. The Morel cap is shaped like a cone and has many combs. The inside of Morels is hollow, which distinguishes them from any Morel look-a-likes.

The Morels available from JCB Gourmet Mushrooms are dried so you can save these mushrooms for the perfect meal. Like all our gourmet mushrooms, Morels have a short shelf life, but drying them preserves the nutrients and the texture. To rehydrate, they can be placed in hot water and covered for at least 20 minutes. You can check the texture every five to ten minutes by squeezing them. For a recipe with a broth, you could also finish rehydrating the Morels by letting them simmer in the broth.

These mushrooms aren’t only rare and delicious, but they are also nutritious. Morels are a decent source of dietary fibre, magnesium, vitamin D, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and protein, according to FDA nutritional data.

Morel mushrooms are foraged instead of being commercially grown because they have a symbiotic relationship with trees. That means the Morel’s mycelium and the tree’s roots exchange nutrients with each other. The mycelium is also supposed to help the roots with water retention. There have been some attempts to commercially grow Morels, but the quantity and quality are inconsistent. The mushrooms are picky with humidity, temperature, soil, and its relationship with nearby trees.

However, two Danish twins – Jacob and Karsten Kirk – created a climate-controlled indoor growing facility for Morels. The biologists had to find a strain that worked best inside and experimented with soil, eventually deciding to include grass to stimulate the mycelium.

Regardless of how they grow, it’s always a special moment to eat Morels in a meal. If you want to be one of the lucky customers to get some of the limited supply of Morel mushrooms, click here to head to the shop page.

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