Grow kits spruce up meals, rooms, and pastimes

When you’re staying home and safe right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, a casual hobby can keep things interesting. Fortunately, we have kits so you can grow delicious gourmet mushrooms in your home.

The process is simple. You get your grow kit with everything you need – even a spray bottle. Within two days, you follow the instruction sheet provided. Then, you can place your mushroom block anywhere in your home that has a consistent temperature – between 17 and 21 Celsius (63 and 70 Fahrenheit) to avoid a leaner mushroom in hotter temperatures or slowed growth in the cold.

The block can be in a spot with some artificial or natural light unlike plants, which often need to be in direct sunlight. You should keep the mushrooms out of direct sunlight and any major heat source since mushrooms don’t have chlorophyll absorbing energy from light.

Overall, it is low maintenance. You only have to mist the inside of the humidity tent a minimum of two to five times a day. The tent is a larger bag that you place overtop the growing block. Keeping it between 80 and 90 per cent humidity will help the block explode with mushrooms within two weeks.

House plants and exotic plants have become more popular during the pandemic, partly because they add a refreshing look inside your home. For a very reasonable price, the mushrooms give a unique look to the collection – they are not plants after all. The Blue and Pink Oysters pop out from green houseplants. The Lion's Mane adds a neat pom-pom texture that many plants don't have. Once the Black King Oyster starts growing, you may be surprised how big they grow within days.

When you cultivate your fresh mushrooms, keep misting the humidity tent – there may be more mushrooms on the way. The mycelium in the block continues to find nutrients in the growth mix and will help more mushrooms come out of nowhere. You can get two to three rounds of mushrooms in a month if you cut open the bag in time and follow instructions.

Then comes the opportunity to try your cultivated mushrooms in different recipes. You can experiment with different preparations, such as frying, drying, smoking, boiling, grilling, and… microwaving? You can check our blog about what cooking methods are said to be the best ways of preserving nutrients. We also have a recipe page with yummy ideas, or you can check our “Getting to know” blog series to find out more about your mushrooms.

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day coming soon, mushroom grow kits make a fun and great gift for your parents. They allow for creativity, resourcefulness, and a different experience for families to pass the time. Parents can also get their children involved in growing the mushrooms to marvel at how fast they fruit. For added suspense, buy two types of mushroom grow kits at once and have a race to see which kind fruits first.

If you’re done with the growing block and have a garden, you can check out this blog post about how adding a little bit of mushroom compost to soil can help plants stay strong. If you have livestock, even adding a bit of compost to animal feed could help as well.

We hope you are now interested in trying out some of our mushroom grow kits. As a thank you for reading this far, here’s the link straight to the grow kit page.

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  • Thanks so much for the wonderful grow kits. They produced beautiful mushrooms with very little effort required on my part. I will encourage friends to place their orders soon and be back for more ASAP.


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