New mushrooms coming early 2021

The later part of 2020 was a huge success for us at JCB Gourmet Mushrooms.  It was largely a huge learning curve and we made many mistakes, errors and screw ups, sometimes all at the same time.  However the one area that we did make very good decisions on was the types of mushrooms that we would start growing. At this point, December 23rd we have 12 different  types of mushrooms that we are growing.

Pink Oyster

Blue Oyster

Pearl Oyster

King Oyster

Shimofuri  (AKA Black Pearl King or Hiratake)

Lions Mane






Turkey Tail

As you will see many of these mushrooms are not posted online yet. It is our plan to have these made available online for purchase.  We do offer a delivery service through Canada Post. However as many of our mushrooms have a short shelf life I would not recommend shipping them, at least not until the mad rush caused by Covid 19 online orders  has subsided.  We might not have all available every day so it is recommended that you call ahead before coming out to our Kinburn grow facility.

Beginning early 2021 we plan to be experimenting with a potential of another 6 new strains of mushrooms, many that are not locally sourced or possibly not available in the Ottawa region. We will be testing out the different mushrooms to see how we can effectively grow them and how they go over with our retail and wholesale customers. 

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