Yellow Oyster mushroom powder has sweet and savoury tastes: Study

Two Yellow Oyster mushroom clusters grow beside each other.

Yellow Oyster mushroom powder has noticeable sweet and umami tastes, according to a recent study.

Researchers in China compared the mushroom powder of the Yellow Oyster mushroom with powders of the Lion’s ManeShiitake, Chaxingu (a close relative of Pioppino mushrooms) and Enoki mushrooms. 

The powders were analyzed for their protein and amino acid contents. Nonprotein amino acids affect the taste. 

The Yellow Oyster placed second out of five for glutamic acid content – the main amino acid that contributes to the umami taste. Umami is considered the savoury taste. The Yellow Oyster placed fourth out of fifth ahead of Lion’s Mane for overall umami amino acids, which also includes aspartic acid. The Enoki powder had the most umami amino acids, followed by the Pioppino relative and the Shiitake. 

All the mushroom powders in this study except for the Lion’s Mane had more umami taste than bacon, cured ham, tuna, seafood oysters, cheddar cheese and tomatoes, based on a comparison between the study’s data and information from the Umami Information Center in Japan. Dried mushrooms and mushroom powder magnify the umami taste in mushrooms. Cooked oyster mushrooms have a similar savoury factor as beef, pork and chicken. 

The Enoki powder also had the most sweet amino acids at just under one gram per 100g. The Yellow Oyster placed second at 0.63 grams per 100g, followed by Chaxingu, Shiitake and Lion’s Mane. 

This means Yellow Oyster powder can be an effective way to season dishes for an extra savoury and sweet taste. That’s useful for meals and desserts, such as cheesecakes, meatloaf, orange chicken, bacon cheddar ranch wraps and more, according to Sweet and Savory Meals.

Three jars full of mushroom powder

If you have extra Yellow Oyster mushrooms – or any extra JCB Gourmet Mushrooms, for that matter – drying them and turning them into a powder is another way to preserve the flavour. They can be cut into slices and placed in a dehydrator for about 12 hours. They could also go in an oven at around 130 Fahrenheit for at least four hours instead. When they dry to your preference, place them in a blender and pulverize them.

You can order Yellow Oyster mushrooms from JCB Gourmet Mushrooms on our website or in person. We bring them to farmers’ markets as quantities allow. To get this sweet and savoury mushroom with a mild nutty flavour and bright yellow colour, head over to the shop page. Better yet, try out a Yellow Oyster Grow Kit and get better value for your mushrooms.

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