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What to do with your remaining growing medium...

What to do with your remaining growing medium...

Mushroom compost in animal feed may improve antioxidants, metabolism

The mushrooms fruit and are ready to harvest. That leaves behind a compost made of water, hardwood pellets, and some waste material, such as soybean meal or wheat bran.

To avoid becoming waste material itself, the mushroom compost can go from feeding mushrooms to feeding animals. A recent academic article studied the nutritional benefits of mushroom compost as a feed supplement for animals. The researchers found the compost may improve animal health by providing antioxidants and helping improve fat...

New mushrooms coming early 2021

The later part of 2020 was a huge success for us at JCB Gourmet Mushrooms.  It was largely a huge learning curve and we made many mistakes, errors and screw ups, sometimes all at the same time.  However the one area that we did make very good decisions on was the types of mushrooms that we would start growing. At this point, December 23rd we have 12 different  types of mushrooms that we are growing.

Pink Oyster

Blue Oyster

Pearl Oyster

King Oyster

Shimofuri  (AKA Black Pearl King or Hiratake)

Lions Mane






Turkey Tail


A glimpse into my mind

A glimpse into my mind

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